VTS in Napa/Sonoma Area

VTS in Napa/Sonoma Area is part of the Northern California programming, which is is a key region for VTS, beginning with docent training at SFMOMA in the mid-1990s. In 2003, through the Michael Martin Foundation, VTS began collaborations with schools in the SFUSD, and SFMOMA & the De Young. Since then, VTS has expanded programming throughout the bay area, working with 40 schools and more than 1,000 teachers, reaching 20,000 students in collaboration with many major museums in the region.

North Bay Region

Sonoma Valley USD

  • Dunbar Elementary School
  • El Verano Elementary School
  • Flowery Elementary School
  • Prestwood Elementary School
  • Sassarini Elementary School
  • Sonoma Charter School

Bellevue USD

  • Bellevue Elementary
  • Meadowview Elementary
  • Kawana Elementary
  • Taylor Mountain Elementary

Petaluma/ Old Adobe USD

  • Old Adobe Elementary School
  • Sonoma Mountain Elementary School
  • La Tercera Elementary
  • Miwok Elementary School

Oak Grove Union School District

  • Oak Grove Elementary
  • Willowside Middle School

Cotati-Rohnert Park USD

  • Waldo-Rohnert Elementary School
  • Evergreen Elementary
  • Marguerite Hahn Elementary

Napa Valley USD

  • Alta Heights Magnet Elementary
  • Bel Aire Magnet Elementary
  • El Centro Elementary
  • Northwood Elementary
  • Salvador Magnet Elementary
  • Snow Elementary
  • Pueblo Vista Magnet Elementary

The success of VTS in the North Bay is due to the support of our local museums as well as teachers and administrators spreading the word on the impact VTS has had on them, their students and their staff.

  • The Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Sonoma
  • The Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa
  • The di Rosa, Napa
  • The Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael
  • The Arts Council of Sonoma County, Sonoma

Northern California Art Partners:

  • African American Art & Culture Complex, San Francisco
  • Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
  • Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley
  • Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley 
  • California Academy of Science, San Francisco 
  • The David Brower Center, Berkeley 
  • De Young Museum, San Francisco
  • The di Rosa, Napa
  • Kala Art Institute, Berkeley 
  • Legion of Honor, San Francisco 
  • Mills College Art Museum, Oakland
  • Museum of African Diaspora, San Francisco
  • Napa Valley Museum, Napa 
  • Oakland Museum of California, Oakland
  • Petaluma Arts Center, Petaluma
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco
  • Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa
  • Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Sonoma
  • Petaluma Art Center, Petaluma
  • The Hess Art Collection, Napa

Robyn Muscardini
Regional Coordinator, Sonoma/Napa
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Funding for VTS in the San Francisco and Northern California region has been provided in part by:

  • The Compton Foundation 
  • The Haas Sr. Fund
  • Margot Magowan in support of VTS at Lilienthal Alternative School, San Francisco
  • Panta Rhea Foundation
  • San Francisco Foundation
  • Sonoma Valley Education Foundation

VTS in California is made possible, in part, by generous grants from the following:

  • Ginn Family Foundation
  • Good Works Foundation
  • MMG Foundation
  • San Francisco Foundation
  • Sonoma Valley Education Foundation
  • Anonymous

Success Stories

"After three years I've seen tremendous growth. VTS increased oral language, confidence, observation skills, and metacognition. VTS builds community among my students as they absorb and modify each other's observations, constantly building a greater level of meaning from the art."
—Elizabeth Levett, Kindergarten Teacher, Peabody ES, SFUSD

"The VTS program gave me the much-needed language, "What do you see that makes you say that?" I use VTS every time I ask students to interpret
something they see, hear, or encounter."
—Carol Converse, Kindergarten Teacher, Sunnyside ES, SFUSD

"When the new superintendent said to focus on equity I immediately drew the connection between equity and VTS. VTS gives everyone a chance to share their prior knowledge and experiences in a supportive and encouraging environment."
—Lisa-Anne Lee, 3rd Grade Teacher, Sunnyside ES, SFUSD

"Everyone has access [with VTS.] Kids speak, they find their voice."
—Jim Dwyer, 4th grade teacher at Commodore Sloat

"I love that VTS exposes my children to a variety of works of art and they are learning how to look deeply and state their own observations and form their own opinions. I also like that they must listen to the other students and can practice respectful, collaborative discussions. I don't consider myself an artist, but I have long appreciated many kinds of art and I want my children to be able to experience the same joy in art that I have found. I think exposure to art is critical to their well-rounded development. VTS is cool because the techniques can transcend art and positively support other aspects of their learning."
—Penny Peak, Leconte Elementary School Parent, Berkeley, CA